What We Do

Sierra Cascade Family Opportunities provides free high quality child development services including preschool, infant and toddler care and services for pregnant women.

We are committed to the belief that every child and family, regardless of circumstances of birth, has the ability to succeed in life.

We encourage families to work closely with our staff to bridge any gap between home and school ensuring success in school for years to come.  We welcome parent participation in classrooms.  We keep parents up to date on their children’s developmental milestones and we include parents in all decisions related to their children’s education and wellbeing.  We provide leadership opportunities for parents and many avenues for parent involvement.

SCFO Offers:

  • Center based and home based options
  • Full day and part day schedules
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Medical, dental, developmental and mental health screenings
  • Parent trainings and workshops
  • Activities for fathers
  • Services for pregnant women
  • Services for children with special needs